Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Mareva and Anton Piller Orders make a comeback

Ah, now it feels like a proper recession.

The law has changed a little since I painfully read learned counsel's opinion on double-space typed (with a typewriter, a machine unknown to the Y Generation) foolscap sheets back in the mid 90s as to how we could stop several naughty chaps from moving their assets beyond our reach, and we probably can't call them Mareva injunctions and Anton Piller orders any more, but they're back. Like shoulder-pads and weird new romantic hairstyles.

M'learned friends will know what I mean, but Joshua Rozenberg has a neat column in tonight's Standard about it.

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The Penguin said...

I think the courts are likely to see a parade of cases sueing auditors for professional incompetence (at the least).

The Penguin.