Friday, 20 February 2009

A new use for our cast-off rags?

The government has launched a campaign to stop us throwing out our old rags. Quite right too. That valuable cotton waste is now needed more than ever by those firms that manufacture the high-quality rag-paper on which billions of pounds of new banknotes are to be printed. I suggest local councils start immediately to collect it and dispatch it directly to the Bank.


Blue Eyes said...

I thought our money was mostly hemp fibre?

Raedwald said...

From the De La Rue website (makers of British banknotes)

"De La Rue Currency uses the cylinder mould process to manufacture the highest quality banknote paper. Banknote paper is manufactured from cotton fibre which gives the paper its strength, durability and distinctive feel."

I think the Treasury smokes all the Hemp.

Blue Eyes said...

That makes sense.

Guthrum said...

Our local authority is removing all the railings to make aircraft wings, and the parks are being ploughed up to grow food.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Is there no aspect of our lives that these miserabilists won't interfere with ?

The Minister for Sustainability, Lord Hunt, "We believe customers want sustainable clothing and we want to give them as much as possible."

I asked Sharon if she wanted sustainable clothing, she asked me for a Bacardi Breezer, Watermelon.