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Sunday, 22 February 2009

Oh Gordon, you've done it now

The Guardianistas are not taking well to Brown's little homily on CiF. I can find remarkably little support and encouragement in over 250 reader comments, and this one, by Dan McNeil, is at the politer end of the spectrum:

"I'm really sorry Gordon. Really sorry. I tried to read your article. Believe me, I tried. Oh, I tried so hard. It's monkey-typing-at-the-keyboard-gibberish though. I suspect you know this.

Honestly, if I were to blindly assess the intelligence (right and left brain) of the writer of this article, I'd have them marked down as deeply average. Not imbecilic, mind you. But not particularly clever either. Your writing is incredibly robotic. Sorry, I'm being polite - actually, your writing is magnificently dull.

Your prose is exciting and inspirational in the same way that the prose of a washing machine instruction manuel is exciting and inspirational. You have the charisma of roof shingle. I cannot believe that you are the Prime Minister of the UK. Compared to you, John Major was the life and soul of the party. Oh yes.

It wouldn't matter if, behind your dullness, you were actually capable.

But you're not.

Oh God."


Sue said...

People do seem a little peeved... I wonder if he's been reading them?

hatfield girl said...

I liked:

The kindest reading of your actions and words is that you are mildly deluded. If we leave it at that, and don't pry any more, will you just leave the scene and make as if you didn't exist, somewhere else on this Earth, maybe even on some other planet if it can be arranged.

I mean, really, get as far as humanly possible away from the country and the people you have destroyed through your mixture of hubris, stupidity, fecklessness and ignorance?

Dick Puddlecote said...

Boy, that was a fun Sunday read. Even more so considering the comments are on CiF. Yet Prescott appears to be enthusiastic about the possibility of a 4th term? World class delusion.

Bill Quango MP said...

I looked at this this morning.
There were 150 comments on then. Overwhelmingly negative.
No one even cares what he's proposing. They are instinctively anti Brown whatever he suggests.
This is on CIF! Home turf as it were.

He appears to have lost the dressing room.
Can only be a matter of time before another manager is appointed to get them out of the relegation zone.

Rush-is-Right said...

I like this one.....


"Our future lies in low-carbon, high- technology manufacturing and services. Hence our investment in science, "

just of the top of my head, there are the Universities which have closed their Chemistry Departments, on the grounds of cost, since you introduced the worlds most stupid funding mechanism for University funding.

Aberystwyth University
Brunel University
City University
East London University
Essex University
Exeter University
Kings College London
Lancaster University
Royal Holloway College London
Stirling University
Sussex University

"hence our investment in science"

You forced me to leave my country to find work you loathsome maggot."