Thursday, 5 February 2009

Ooooh! Traffic!

There's a funny thing about blogs that old bloggers will tell you. However obscurely and low down the charts you start, if you keep at it then numbers will build. If getting 5% of the UK TV audience is good for Channel 5, then getting 5% of Iain Dale's uniques is fine for me.

I'm not as naturally brilliant, charismatic, sweary or excitingly shocking as many of the blogs I admire, but I do have tenacity by the bucketload. I'm a slogger. I can't be something I'm not, so you get the slightly anorakish, somewhat pedestrian real me. A professional man who won't let business letters go out of his office unless they're literate, who values probity more highly than you can imagine, who's loyal to (and protective of) his employer and who has an unusually well connected but somewhat Bohemian private circle of friends, and who is deeply and fundamentally committed to the welfare of this nation and of the British people. And who sometimes gets very cross with politicians whom I see destroying all those things I value. Mr Ordinary, really.

That you all read this stuff, normally written early in the morning with coffee, ciggies, 'Today', the bath running and the iron warming, astonishes and delights me. So with many thanks to you all, I'll keep on slogging away. I'm very happy with the little niche I fill and very proud to be part of a caucus of British bloggers with such able and distinguished members and correspondents.

And I'm usually up for a drink.


Dungeekin said...

Thanks to you for writing! Please keep doing so.


Blue Eyes said...

I am an avid reader, most of your posts are like that perfect first cup of tea of the day - immensely enjoyable and satisfying. Keep up the good work.

Also, thanks for tolerating my sometimes angry outbursts. These are genuine and usually uncontrolled.

And I'm usually up for a drink


Sue said...

You are one of my favourite reads of the day :)

lilith said...

Great blog, Raedwald. Thought of you today as I surfed chandler sites :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes keep it up - you are the fifth blog I read every day.

Raedwald said...

Aww thanks all

Lilith - yes, the swindleries have got some great bargains at the moment. What were you after? 12 foot lengths of hempen rope, perhaps?

Nick Drew said...

And I'm usually up for a drink

so where were you at Xmas, eh ?

seriously: tenacity + probity beat exciting every time - and give brilliant a goog run for its money

old and angry said...

You are fourth on my list of morning reading.
You articulate far better than i ever could,just what is wrong about the state of this country.

Savonarola said...

Your blog is AAA for intelligence of commentary, writing style and range of topics.

In a class of its own in the general blog category.

Another voice. A good voice.

Thank you.