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Monday, 23 February 2009

Police identify the middle-class as the enemy

So it's finally happened. After a decade or more of criminalising the law-abiding middle-class, once the staunchest supporters of the police and of the maintenance of law, the police have now formally identified us as the enemy.
Superintendent David Hartshorn, who heads the Metropolitan police's public order branch, told the Guardian that middle-class individuals who would never have considered joining demonstrations may now seek to vent their anger through protests this year.
So we - and particularly we dangerous middle-class bloggers, or 'activists' as the police will term us - will now be the targets of surveillance and sanctions including arrest and detention on the grounds of the maintenance of public order.

How convenient that the class calling most loudly for police reform can now be so easily identified as potential terrorists.

Well I've got news for Superintendant David Hartshorn. I view him and his kind as the greatest threat to democracy and good order that this nation faces. Without radical reform of policing in Britain, we will soon have passed a point of no return on the path to a State to the authority of which I will not consent.


Blue Eyes said...

Oh bollocks, R. What he is actually saying is "there will be more protests coming up, we need more officers, more training and more resources and in the absence of those things I cannot be held responsible for things going pear-shaped". And whatever happens, he has got his name in the papers for when the next round of promotions comes up.

JuliaM said...

The fact that he's pointing to the G20 Summit as the main upcoming threat makes me agree with BE.

I really can't see the average middle class man in the street being enthused enough over junketing pols to join with rentamob over that...

Guthrum said...

The only reference I can find on him was that he met some of the protesting photograhers recently.

There are no photos, no bio and he belongs to a unit called CO11.

He is in fact a very secret policeman making public threats.

Anonymous said...

The fellow must be an ACPO grade to be making pronouncements like that. ACPO, the private limited company that considers itself equal with the elected national government. See its website for more details. In ACPO, I see our next government. How it will happen, I'm not sure.

One essential step though is to activate the Civil Contingencies Act. So the ACPO Public Order dept must be keeping on hoping that one of these demos turns nasty enough to justify activating the Act.

Anonymous said...

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Ditto, anon 15:19