Monday, 16 February 2009

Today we start Guerrilla photography

From today, if the police catch you with a camera in a public place taking a photograph, you will at best be stopped and questioned under anti-terrorist legislation and at worst will be arrested, thrown into a cell and your camera and / or images damaged or destroyed.

There is only one answer to this outrageous affront to innocent activity; guerrilla photography.

From our office windows, or using telephoto lenses, or over a busy road across which they can't run, today is the day we start snatching shots of policemen. It will be a snap and run campaign - one shot, then merge into dense crowds, or duck into a department store.

I have no doubt that the native wit and ingenuity of the British people will produce before long a magnificent crop of forbidden photographs and shame this useless law into desuetude.


Anonymous said...

Surely the answer is a mass protest.
We should all take pictures of policemen all the time. Video, mobiles, cameras large and small...

Start today! Snap a copper!

You know it makes sense.

Raedwald said...

Well, I'm going to try, anyway.

Results will be posted on here as they occur.

BigDai said...

I feel a Flickr Group coming on.
Lets see if we can a photo of every copper in the country

Anonymous said...

I took some pictures of cops on horses last week and the fuckers didn't mind at all.

Blue Eyes said...

R - I am planning exactly the same thing

it's either banned or compulsory said...

As soon as you get your mobile 'phone out they will be able to be ' suspicious ' that you may have or intend, to take a photo of them.
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