Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Travelgall risks FPN?

On A Very British Dude Travelgall describes how he "had a very enjoyable day making anatomically correct snowmen on the Heath, and generally messing about throwing snowballs at my girlfriend."

Ahem. Can I repost a blog post from some time ago?

This Sun story about a student receiving an £80 FPN for making a snow , er, scupture. Offence details entered by PC Wiley are 'MADE A 4 FOT (sic) HIGH PHALIC (sic) SYMBOL OUT OF SNOW ON PARKER'S PIECE'

'disgruntled commuter' comments on The Magistrate's Blog that

'Phalic' should have two 'l's. As perhaps should PC Wiley.

There's nothing to add to that.


hatfield girl said...

Except perhaps that Parker's Piece is overlooked by the Cambridge Constabulary headquarters so they must all have sat inside in the warm watching the sculpting before sending out PC Wiley to do his duty.

Rob Farrington said...

Couldn't the student just have argued that it was a piece of modern art, perhaps representative of an ancient stone pillar, juxtaposed with a couple of representations of footballs, in order to illustrate to what extent modern culture is encroaching upon traditional values?

That's what I would have done, but then I have a BSc in Applied Bullshit.

Travelgall said...

The snowman is in the middle of Putney Heath. I doubt any Policeman left the sanctuary of their warm Police car to have a look. Thanks for the link though.