Thursday, 26 March 2009

637,625 and rising

That's views of Dan Hannan's viral video on YouTube of course.


Blue Eyes said...

Through rhetorical skill and impeccable timing he does seem to be representing the boy who called the Emperor's new clothes.

I was very excited to hear R4 throwing mud at Brown this morning. Are we past the tipping point?

Newmania said...

I had just the same thought as Mr. Blue Eyes. It also occurred to me that their are niow vast swathes of America who feel utterly disenfranchised as Obama veers left in way that is unheard of in the US .
There is now a transAtalantic Constituency of dissent and I feel we ought to be linking up( With some reservations )

Blue Eyes said...

I had just the same thought as Mr. Blue Eyes

That is because Great Minds think alike.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

1.2million and counting, the BBC has finally put the speech on its' website ( /newsnight ) and Dan was interviewed by Kirsty Squawk on Newsnight Friday evening.