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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

British govt commissions for British ad agencies?

I'm not sure who in the DTI authorised the release of Businesslink's new web advert urging British business to save money by turning the lights off, but the more astute amongst you may notice something slightly odd in the following frame captures;

Hmm how many British firms have light switches that work in the upsidey-down US way, I wonder? Is there some deep advertising industry technique at work here? Or was the job given to a US ad agency who just didn't know how British light switches work? I think we should be told.


Sue said...

They're upsidey-down here in Spain too. So, may have been a European contract?

Anonymous said...

I'm going with the US angle.

Typical ignorance. They can't believe anyone does anything any way except theirs.

Blue Eyes said...

Some light switches in my flat are upside down so maybe they took the photos while I was out. But then I don't have fabric partition type walls so perhaps not.

As if companies need to be told how to save money by the state!

Marukatsu said...

Ummm,difficult question...
Have a nice day!