Friday, 20 March 2009

Brown's presence at 65th D-Day would be an insult

Sixty-five years ago my late father stood in the well of a landing craft at dawn on the 6th of June waiting to step onto Nazi occupied France. He carried a large backpack, wore a heavy helmet and was equipped with a bicycle. As were all his battalion. The bicycles were rapidly dumped in the surf, so they then had to walk from Normandy to north-west Germany.

On each D-day anniversary I scan the news footage of those elderly men in blazers and medals, looking for the distinctive headgear and cap badge that marks the comrades he landed with that day. There are fewer and fewer of them.

Whilst it's good news that the MoD are talking to veterans about funding this, their last big commemoration of that great day, Brown's presence at an event in France will add a sour note.

For these veterans who gave so much for this nation are coming to the twilight of their lives in a country they don't recognise, in which Labour have opened the door to immigrants from every corner of the world without control or restraint, where a repressive and intrusive Labour State rolls back the freedoms they fought for, where Brown's economic incompetence is beggaring their children and grandchildren and will burden their great grandchildren with the costs of his purblind folly and in which Labour have destroyed neighbourhoods, communities and the effectiveness of the little platoons in pursuance of a mad Rousseau-esque vision of an overweening Leviathan State.

For those men, Brown's presence will be every bit as much an insult as if Josef Goebbels were there.


Anonymous said...

Hear, hear!

And you didn't even mention the EU angle: those heroes fought and died so that we would not be bossed about by Germans in our own country. And look what has happened.

Maybe they could discard Broon in the surf.

Budgie said...

No, that is an exaggeration too far. Brown is arrogant, cunning, nasty, anti-democratic, incompetent, deluded and possibly mentally unstable, but he is no Goebbels. Yet.

Anonymous said...

You're right and you're wrong, Budgie. Broon isn't Goebbels. He's worse. Goebbels was an arch-propagandist but he never believed his own lies; he was a manipulator who understood how to harness the darkest aspect of the German national psyche.

Bliar was a lot like Goebbels - an amoral conscienceless opportunist. Broon has more in common with Hitler in the bunker, a power-hungry zealot whose whole life has been centred around the pursuit and acquisition of raw political power but who, in the end, didn't know how to use that power. Now, surrounded by the unavoidable evidence of his own failure and incompetence, he retreats into the self-delusion of his own propaganda and into a perpetual rage at the shortcomings of everyone around him (allies, enemies, the general public and all) all of whom are truly responsible for wrecking The Plan. Broon, like Hitler, knows that future generations will judge him kindly, that cleverer people will emerge to write histories that will exonerate Broon and excorciate his foes.

Goebbels? I'd pay fucking money to have Broon act like Goebbels. Instead every single day in Downing Street is a re-enactment of Downfall.

Budgie said...

Anon 22:52 You are right and wrong too.

Western society dealt with the evil of Hitler and his gang by separating them off from the rest of humanity. So the old adage: that if you mention Hitler you have lost the argument.

I disagree with this approach. The scope for human evil is so great that even Hitler should (unfortunately) be considered as part of the human family. Just like Lenin, Stalin, Pol Pot, Mao, etc. This does not mean that the evil is any less. But it does mean that others will be capable of such evil. We lose the capacity for apprehending evil if we pretend that somehow Hitler was a 'one-off'.

So you are right: Brown could be capable of a similar type of evil. But he has not been so yet; so you are wrong to ascribe the real evil inflicted on real people by Hitler et al, as the same as we are experiencing currently.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

I wish our Veterans well, sans Brown.