Tuesday, 17 March 2009

David Aaronovitch is very confused

I don't have time this morning to demolish David Aaronovitch's confused and incoherent little rant in this morning's Times in which he declares
Any of these are dangerous, but doubly so in a time of potential depression. The populism is expressed in the casual, jokey bracketing of politicians with fraudsters, the influence of potty-mouthed right-wing bloggers on some political journalism and an impatience with foreign workers and other minorities.
And he argues that we should instead afford the political class an uncritical adulation for fear that they will otherwise turn into authoritarians.

It's risible pap, of course. Perhaps fellow bloggers will oblige during the day; if not, I'll come back to it this evening.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

"the influence of potty-mouthed right-wing bloggers" he obviously gets around then ?

Anonymous said...

Now who could he possibly have in mind?

Chris said...

Why *bother* fisking it? It's nothing but sophomoric idiocy.

As for the 'right wing' blogs. Well, someone has to speak truth to power now that hacks like Aaronovitch have abrogated that responsibility.

Newmania said...

Well I think there is a point in this but "The many public sector IT projects that - quietly - worked..." ...name one ?
In fact he is not the only left wingerto spot the danger of civil Liberties and its popularity. Ultimately the left relies on authority

Anonymous said...

During my visits to America, I was always amazed by the wide-eyed adulation that the citizenry showed their elected officials and the fixation they had with "Respecting The Office".

I felt immense satisfaction that, in Britain, we did no such thing and treated politicians with the contempt they deserved and saw political office as what it was meant to be, viz. a mechanism to serve the public.

Aaronovitch misunderstands what is meant by the phrase "public servants". Like a great many Americans, he thinks it means "the public are your servants". Fuck him. Fuck him, fuck his mother, fuck his labrador, fuck his non-British ancestry and fuck his warped desire to spread Eastern European totalitarianism in my country. I wonder if that's potty-mouthed and xenophobic enough for him?

Budgie said...

It is so funny when the establishment declares that it should be beyond criticism. In a ghoulish sort of way.

Guthrum said...

What Mr Aronovitch seems to forget, is that only the 'select' are allowed to play politics, the rest of us are just victims of the braying stream of consciousness that is Westminster Politics, left and right.

We have gone from an apathy about low quality politicians and hacks- to a blind fury as to the contempt they show us as the electorate.

While we were apathetic, they felt no need to control, now we are angry, they need to untilise every tool of authoritarianism to maintain their shabby and deceitful existance.

Bill Quango MP said...

But does he not know the terrible anger that the ruling incompetents have caused us to feel? The rage at Brown.
This won't go away with a few words and a 'Go back to your potting sheds and prepare for Question Time'

Middle England wants Brown gone. It usually gets what it wants in the end.

JuliaM said...

"..he argues that we should instead afford the political class an uncritical adulation for fear that they will otherwise turn into authoritarians."

What does he mean, 'turn into'...?

Vicola said...

Bless him, he's escaped from the 1900s when we plebs all knew better than to question our superiors in parliament because they were clearly richer, cleverer and higher class than us and they knew far more than we did. How dare we cheeky, lippy, pinko troublemakers question our betters and suggest that they might not be doing what is best for us? What on earth would we know about politics? Honestly, it's just not right.