Friday, 20 March 2009

Google Streets - roll it out!

For anyone searching for a house in London, or the other cities covered so far by Google Street View, market knowledge has just increased dramatically. Up until now if you find a property you like on Rightmove or Primelocation you may then explore the area as best you can using Google Earth. This gives you a good idea of who has retained slate roofs and who has used tiles, who has kept chimneys and who hasn't but that's about all.

Now with Street View you can cruise down the street and the neighbours are revealed; who has fake Tudor leaded pvc windows in a Victorian terrace? How well are the front gardens tended? What cars do they own? Is it nylon netties and gnomes or are the front room windows going 'commando' with ornamental box in Versailles planters on the path?

For anyone selling a house in a 'good' street in London, the market has just got better. My own front door was snapped with Mr Khan's Merc in view and the love-lies-bleeding in full blossom, which must add £10k to the value.

Now roll it out nationwide, please, so those of us still looking to snap up a rural bargain can save a fortune in travelling.


Anonymous said... has already integrated Street View into its property detail and area pages. Very Nice.

Tristram said...

In response to the last post, you can see our Manchester page, with SV integrated: