Sunday, 22 March 2009

More Labour sleaze and nepotism ...

It's Sunday, and the weekly Labour sleaze-serial continues this week with the exposure of minister Tony McNulty for stealing taxes to pay for a house for his parents. He's very sorry and will stop stealing, he says, but hasn't offered to pay anything back.

Whilst McNulty and his bent cronies would clearly be happier being politicians in Nigeria, where they could acquire more and get caught less, I suppose the next best thing if you're a guest at Labour's big inclusive sleaze-fest is to get elected for a Nigerian constituency.

The Honourable Georgia Gould, Lord Gould's daughter, 22, is set to replace John Austin in Labour's safe seat of Erith and Thamesmead at the next election. Thamesmead is known locally as Little Lagos, and together with Plumstead and Abbey Wood is home to some 20,000 Nigerians who have arrived here since 2001. I hope The Hon. Georgia brushes up on some basic Yoruba and acquires a taste for Jolaf Rice if she's to succeed on the stump here, for Nigerians are not natural socialists. They have a strong ethos of acquiring wealth and a natural antipathy to taxes.


Trevor said...

Just a thought on the housing expenses scam, err I mean expense claims.

If one was to claim say £100k in expenses for use of a room in, say, your sister's house or even your parents house, then the expense incurred would be rent paid to the owner.

I can see no reason why yhis rent would not be a taxable benefit.

Wonder if anyone has asked the Badger to look into this.

But then again..............

Anonymous said...

Employment Minister done for FIDDLING expenses - an Employment Sham!

Tony McNulty is a joke! He has failed to live up to the spirit of the rules and taken every opportunity to manipulate the system to his advantage. God help us for having such public servants who are NOT squeaky clean. Tony McNulty is hardly ever at Harrow East surgeries, takes anywhere between 3- 6 months to give appointments to meet constituents and then either fails to turn up or cancels appointments with very little notice. This bloke doesn’t use his parent’s Harrow Residence for Parliamentary duties. Shame on you Tony for not saying sorry and for NOT returning the money you have unjustly over-claimed - it’s people like you that bring this country to it’s economic knees. Very very bad judgment on your part!

it's either banned or compulsory said...

John Majors adminisration was supposedly brought to its' knees by " sleaze " but his crowd had nothing on this.
I'm not too bothered about the Nigerians attitudes to wealth aquisition or tax avoidance, it is their tendancy for random manic violence and compulsory sex that worries me; call me " racist" if you like but would you realy want to live in their neighbourhood ?
Thought not.

Kill infidels
Hi M5, howya doing ?