Tuesday, 3 March 2009

MPs vote to keep their addresses secret

MPs voted yesterday 235 to 176 to keep secret their constituency addresses.

Tory sleazeball Julian Lewis was behind an amendment to the Political Parties and Elections Bill, as posted here on Sunday.

The political class has again demonstrated that it really does see itself as a class apart, no longer our representatives but our masters.

The idea of open primaries in constituencies is seeming even more attractive. And I wouldn't give a tinker's fart for the chances of any sleazeball such as Lewis who refuses to disclose their address to those they're asking to vote for them for getting through the process.

Angry? Yes, seething. But cold anger.


Anonymous said...

Nothing to hide, nothing to fear.

Mac the Knife said...

"Angry? Yes, seething. But cold anger"

Ah hah. The first observable example of 'Cold Seething'.

I suspect this experiment will be widely and easily replicated...

Phil said...

For those who are willing to examine Julian Lewis’s arguments, the security case he makes about keeping MPs’ home addresses private can be found at:


and the background to the NOTW story about him can be found at:


So far as I can see, Lewis has not only kept within the rules but the amount of money he has claimed is not that much given the requirement for MPs based outside London to have a base while they are at Westminster.