Wednesday, 11 March 2009

'No, Britain, England .... not Britt Ekland'

Gus O'Donnell's gaffe in expressing his frustration that there's no one to talk to at the US Treasury - "There is nobody there ... You cannot believe how difficult it is" - is evidenced by this key personnel page from the US Treasury's Office of Economic Policy:

One imagines O'Donnell calling all possible extensions, as one does, ... 622-2201, 622-2202 until he reaches the department's Janitor

"Ain't no one here, sir"

"But this is the British Prime Minister's office. I need to speak to someone urgently"

"You can leave a message on the website, sir. Which church are you minister of? I ain't never heard of you .... Britt Ekland? Yeah, I saw her once"

"Yeah OK I'll write a message on a post-it and leave it on the Assistant Secretary's door. You're Circus McDonald and you're calling about the world economy. OK, sir, I'll pass that on ..."

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hatfield girl said...

I'm certain there are people carrying out the tasks associated with those posts, R. It's just that Brown and his apparatchiks haven't got their names and contact numbers.