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Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Not 'dissident Republicans', just psychopathic killers

There is always an ideology with which a psychopathic killer can cover his evil; in Northern Ireland those who would ordinarily be murdering prostitutes, or torturing and killing strangers they meet in the pub, gravitate into the extreme cover of the Real IRA and its nationalist equivalent. These organisations are filled not with earnest ideologues, but psychopaths.

There is no longer any just cause for Republican terrorism in Northern Ireland. Power sharing is firmly in place, and within a decade or two the Catholic minority will be a majority at the ballot box, and can decide democratically whether the future of the province lies with the UK or not.

The actions of those who would stir up sectarian fear, who seek to provoke anger and violence, who would see the province again awash with blood and the stink of death are a pointless evil. I'm confident that John Major's work in crafting a peace in that troubled province will hold firm, and the people on both sides of the sectarian divide will not support these mad thugs.


Anonymous said...

The papers this morning are saying that "psychopaths" carried out the killings, as if that somehow made it different.

Well yes, IRA psycopaths.

So what's new?

Sabretache said...

".... gravitate into the extreme cover of the Real IRA and its nationalist equivalent.

Ahem - I think you mean 'Unionist' equivalent(s) there don't you? Because sure as hell UDA/UFF/UDF etc capacity for murderous violence is every bit as well-developed - and what's more probably won't take much 'provoking' before it too hits the headlines again - which is no doubt the intention. A sort of warped psychopathic nostalgia for the good old days eh?