Saturday, 7 March 2009

Polly's PR enthusiasm is a counsel of despair

Writing in the Grauniad this morning, Polly Toynbee urges us all to support proportional representation to rescue British democracy. Nonsense. Polly is faced with the prospect of the anger of voters against Labour's failed government leaving her party with only a handful of seats at the next election, and is clutching at straws to try to preserve it. It is a counsel of despair aimed not, as she claims, at reinvigorating British democracy but to save a party already scrabbling in its grave-earth.

To be frank, she doesn't pay a lot of attention to statistics either. She writes:
The moribund party structure now serves mainly to put down political enthusiasm. Fifty years ago one in 11 people joined parties: now it is only one in 88.
Sorry, Polly, but it's far worse than that - see the stats HERE - actually only one in a hundred voters is now a member of one of the three main parties.

All that Polly's rainbow coalition of Lib Dems, Wimmin Against Coal Fired Power Stations, Socialist Dog Owners, Vegans for Wind Power and Compass Labour will produce is a great deal of heat and passion but no progress. And does she seriously imagine that Labour's ruthlessly centrist party structure is even interested in listening to voices other than the party grandees?

First Past the Post is the only system that gives us stable government; the problem we face is not that the electoral system is wrong, but that the main parties are dying in their present form, and must either radically reform or be replaced. What voters are rejecting is not FPTP but Polly's central Statism, her insulting and patronising conviction that she knows what's best for us, her hunger for rigid State control of the minutae of our lives and her bankrupt support for a corrosive and destructive system of State Welfarism.

Physician, heal thyself.


Newmania said...

The trick us to pretend that there is large progressive majority when in fact this is only produced by counting socilally conservative working class Labour votes .
These ( who are the majority of Labour votes) b are on percieved economic interrest ands dislike Polly Toynbee even more than I do.
The PR Canrad must be countered with offer of referendums and direct democracy to break up the fake coalition

Newmania said...

The last three posts are superb.

Newmania said...

(eek soz about spelling )

Anonymous said...

It's not 'Physician, heal thyself'.

It's 'Polly, kill thyself'.

Bill Quango MP said...

Obama did actually manage it though Poly. Obama, your hero, did not go to his country asking for PR. He went on hope and change and passion and inclusiveness within the party structure.He beat another popular,credible candidate to be nominated. He had the additional handicap of being black, in a country where that is not an asset.
He has a huge amount of charisma.
Ahh..I see the problem. As you were Polly.PR it is.

Newmania said...

Brown met a charisma Dementor in his youth and has been lacking since

nostalgic said...

*vegans for wind power*

I love it!

Anonymous said...

Is it just the counsel of despair? Is it not also the cold, treacherous politicking of a party and a leftist mindset that cares only for the acquisition and retention of power at all costs and for its own sake?

Anonymous said...

I hold no particular brief for Polly, but I think it only fair to point out that she has been in favour of PR for quite a while. Certainly she wrote in support of it just after the last general election, when she was gracious enough to concede that the main victims of first past the post had in fact been the Conservatives.