Monday, 23 March 2009

Time for a Royal Commission on MP's pay and perks

Any review of MPs' pay and expenses by MPs themselves will be a sham. Any review by any body directly accountable to MPs will likewise be a sham. Any review that starts with a presumption of MPs' equivalency to the nations most senior professions rather than the nation's median (i.e. representative) occupations will be a sham.

Only a Royal Commission has any hope of coming up with a balanced and publicly acceptable solution to the stinking cesspit of sleaze and corruption that the Commons has become.


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Any such Royal Commission should extend across the entire public sector to include Local Government, Universities, the BBC, NHS, other Quangos, the Civil Service and those banks that we own.
Might be a problem finding disinterested parties to be Commission members though.

Vicola said...

Well according to the MPs, the reason they have to have such astronomical expenses is because the nasty public refused to accept the idea of them having their salaries whacked up to the same level as top flight GPs, up to about £200k. If you ask me, were pay in the Commons to become performance related, most of the Cabinet would be lucky to scrape minimum wage, useless pillocks. Their assumption that they are the most important people in the world and are the betters of the rest of us really grinds my gears. I'm sure there are some that are decent but they seem to stay out of the limelight.