Friday, 24 April 2009

Cameron - abolition of 50p tax rate will have to wait

The abolition of the 50p tax rate will 'have to take its place in the queue' under a Conservative government, Cameron told 'Today' listeners this morning. Podcast not up yet. He said his priorities are reversing the tax burdens on those earning £21k - £22k.

Smart move. Only 300,000 voters earn over £150k, but millions of voters earn £21k.

You'd think there was an election in the offing, wouldn't you?


asquith said...

He has been boxed into a corner by Brown, who is nothing if not a cunning politician.

I do not agree with the 50% tax rate, but I see perfectly well that it will be popular amongst low & middle earners, & even some who are considered to be high earners on statistical measures: as you say, few are DIRECTLY affected.

Behold the true shamelessness of Brown, who has imposed this not out of socialist values but because he thinks it will be a good way to get a dig in at Cameron.

I suspect that the BNP won't be celebrating, as the sort of people who hover on the edges of voting for them are more likely to support Labour now. (I do live amongst them, etc).

Let it also be remembered that if this has very negative effects, people aren't very likely to blame Brown as they have too short attention spans. I foresee Cameron being slated for any problems that ensue & any worsening of this recession.

JuliaM said...

"Smart move. Only 300,000 voters earn over £150k, but millions of voters earn £21k. "

As I've said time and again, there is nothing to Cameron but a desire for power. No principles, no standards, no ethics.

This proves it.

BigDai said...

However, those £21k earners are employed by and with the capital from those £150k earners who are already leaving the country

Anonymous said...
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