Thursday, 16 April 2009

Civil servants 'sexed up' Home Office leaks

Call it sexing up, call it an economy with the verité, call it hyperbole, call it any one of a dozen euphemisms for lying, but the truth is that our senior civil servants can't stop themselves doing it.

This time they've lied to the Met police about the nature of the leaks allegedly from Christopher Galley at the Home Office. Chris Wright, a senior Cabinet Office civil servant, wrote to the Met saying there had been 'considerable damage to national security' from the leaks. There had not. It was not true. It was a lie. Mr Wright lied to the Met police. How do we know? Because the Home Affairs select committee has published a report that uncovers the facts, and thank God they have.

All politicians are incorrigible liars. It goes with the territory. Combine their inherent inbuilt mendacity with a culture of lies at the top of the civil service and you have a recipe for national disasters such as Blair's Iraq War.

It's not only the culture of greed, self-interest, sleaze and corruption in Parliament that's in need of urgent reform, the top of our civil service is also as rotten as week-old mackerel. They will fight like jackals to preserve the Leviathan central State they have helped build over the past thirty years - and lie, spin, distort, omit and misrepresent the truth to keep it. The time when we could trust a single word the mandarins say is long gone. They are part of the problem.

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