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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Code of Conduct for Special Advisors

From the government's code of conduct for Special Advisors:
  • Special advisers should not use official resources for party political activity. They are employed to serve the objectives of the Government and the Department in which they work. It is this which justifies their being paid from public funds and being able to use public resources, and explains why their participation in party politics is carefully limited. They should act in a way which upholds the political impartiality of civil servants and does not conflict with the Civil Service Code. They should avoid anything which might reasonably lead to the criticism that people paid from public funds are being used for party political purposes.
  • All contacts with the news media should be authorised by the appointing Minister and be conducted in accordance with the Guidance on Government Communications.
  • Special advisers must not take public part in political controversy whether in speeches or letters to the Press, or in books, articles or leaflets; must observe discretion and express comment with moderation, avoiding personal attacks; and would not normally speak in public for their Minister or the Department.
Just saying.


Chalcedon said...

Not terribly pithy I'm afraid, but if you associate with nastyness, slime and sleaze some must rub off. If you see others bending the rules or ignoring them you might be tempted yourself. And so such individuals may get sucked into the mire then it becomes custom and practice. I expect blood on the carpets and blood on the walls. These days remind me of the dying days of the John Major government. When every day somthing just went wrong. These days it is all internal cock ups and fiddles and such things. You would never know the country has a tanking economy and thousands unemployed day after day would you?

It's a political circus.

Scrobs said...

"These days remind me of the dying days of the John Major government. When every day somthing just went wrong."

Saves me typing anything!

patently said...

This is serious.

It is not simple mistake - not "Ooops, we made the wrong policy choice, Sorry".

It is not an isolated mistake in just one arm of government - it is Number 10.

This is simple unsuitability for office. This is No Confidence stuff.