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Sunday, 5 April 2009

The global stigma of our enemy within

As Gordon Brown preens himself on a US Presidential visit that has earned him a blip in the polls, the people of Britain might ask themselves why they weren't permitted a sight of the President during his high-profile visit to America's closest ally.

President Obama spoke in the open air today to a crowd of 20,000 ordinary Czech citizens in front of Prague Castle with only a lectern and an autocue between him and the audience. Many of them will speak English and will have understood him. I don't begrudge the Czechs their sight of the new President one bit - but wouldn't it have been something if he's addressed a crowd of 20,000 here? Or gone walk-about down the Mall?

The reason he didn't of course - the reason his security detail wouldn't even contemplate it - is the same reason that according to the US State Department the UK poses the greatest terrorist threat to the US. Our enemy within. Muslims, largely Pakistani Muslims, bent on death and destruction and jihad.

So don't preen too proudly, Gordon. You're the Prime Minister of a nation not even safe enough any more for the US President to meet its people. Because you have failed utterly in securing our nation from an enemy within. And though the septics are too polite to say it, I'm not; you've burdened this nation with an international stigma. You're the failed leader of a failed government, and the only part of nation safe enough for you to be in is hidden is within your own security cordons and barriers, like some latter day Caeucescu.

I hope that one day, long after your foul and foetid government and party have faded from the minds of Englishmen, that an American President can once again be our guest, walk our streets and meet our people.


Anonymous said...

Good observation. This my last chance to write freely before tomorrow when the UK government can legitimately trace my post from this site.

The title Englishman has never meant to me to be a racial superficiality, but a characteristic, a nobility and the pursuit for personal freedom.

The Tony Blairs and Gordon Browns are betrayers. They would both betray a Jesus for a sack full of data credits.

Catholics and Socialists will never walk in the steps of Christ. They promise a future heaven to enter-in without Character. Same as the Church of England.

We now live in a mess.

Anonymous said...
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