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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Hoon and other MPs cannot use the Nuremberg Defence

Let's be clear I am not comparing bent and corrupt members of Parliament to Nazi war criminals. However, the parrot-cry of all those sleazy bottom-feeders when they are caught is inevitably "It was within the rules. The Fees Office told me to do it".

The defence of 'I was only obeying orders' or 'Befehl ist Befehl', known as the Nuremberg Defence, was discredited as an effective excuse in the following terms:

The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him

And this is the nub. It is not a matter of whether it was within the rules, or whether the Commons Fees Office gave it the OK. MPs have an individual moral responsibility that they should exercise in these matters. They are placed in stewardship over the nation's funds; they are trusted to legislate on matters that affect the lives of every subject in the Realm, and they owe a duty of responsibility to both their constituents and the nation in general. If they cannot exercise the most basic personal moral judgement over whether or not to steal public funds, they are not fit for the other duties that we repose in their care. Their failing is not confined to immorally claimed expenses, but extends to a fundamental failure in their ability to act effectively as Members of Parliament.

Hoon and his like are not fit to be seen in the precincts of the Palace. They should run in fear from London, pelted with filth and ordure, to ignominy, obloquy and disgrace in some dark hole far from the light of our sight. And every time I see that smug smirk on that reptile's face, I am suffused with anger and a deep sense of injustice.

Brown has no idea what morality is, let alone how he should be guided by it if he permits these vermin to infest our Parliament for a moment longer.


Witterings From Witney said...

Hoon and Balls are so alike, they both have a - albeit invisible - brown stain on their noses!

Anonymous said...

Let's be clear I am not comparing bent and corrupt members of Parliament to Nazi war criminals.

No, the Nazis were better. The Nazis were honest and upfront about what they were. When they waged a war of aggression, they revelled in it. When they oppressed people and crushed democracy, they did so proudly. The Nazis openly delighted in their Nietzschean Will to Power, their use of strength to force you to obey them.

The scum in this Parliament are much worse than the Nazis because they wrap themselves up in the garb of liberty and democracy. Everything they do - every act of evil, malice and treachery - is presented as being for your own good. Every crime against the majority is presented as being done on behalf of that majority.

Give me Hitler, Himmler and Goerring over Broon, Hoon and the Buffoons.

Savonarola said...

More is the pity that we do not read your analogy of this institutional theft in Times Telegraph and others.

Something happens to the mind of a person who is a politician by profession. The climb up the greasy pole to the bags of sweets appears to dull the senses of virtue, integrity, honour, self respect, restraint, altruism and morality.

Yet they preach these virtues as individuals and as a party.

I do not get it.

Someone shoot me.

patently said...

The other point that springs to mind when the "All within the Rule, guv" defence is raised, is to wonder who wrote the f*****g rules in the first place.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

How many were exposed as members of Three Homes Gang this week ? Hoon, Darling, Beckett, any others ?
Sew their mouths up to save us their deceits.
I would like to be a Parliamentary Clerk, going through all their hotel bills to find itemised Pornography paid for by you and me.

Though some of the msm give the " Only obeying the rule book mate " defence scant respect none of them spell it out as " Milking the system for all it is worth ".