Monday, 13 April 2009

A horse with a very sore bottom?

I haven't been on the boat this weekend. At 7.30 on Saturday morning a van loaded with a tonne of what was supposed to be well-rotted stable manure turned up - a week early. I'd ordered it for the 18th. Hmm I thought. Serves me right for ordering my manure cash-on-delivery from an internet small ad. Just as well I had enough cash in the house.

So this Easter I've been weeding and mulching the garden. But with frightening doubt. The manure is, as promised, dark, black and very well rotted, but there remain intact 'horse apples' within it of prodigious size - about the size of large grapefruit or small basketball balls. The thought struck me that the small ad didn't specify what was kept in the stables - I'd assumed horses, as one does. But if so, there must have been a horse there with a very sore bottom.

But just in case - does anyone know the effects of Elephant dung on an English herbaceous border?

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