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Saturday, 11 April 2009

If Iain Dale is right, Tom Watson must go too

Iain Dale's post on McBride's departure is spot on the money.

If Watson was copied into but did nothing to halt the filth then he condoned it. If he condoned it, his ministerial post is untenable. Watson must go. He has abused his office. A Minister of the Crown cannot behave like some foul gutter scum.


Anonymous said...

The words "abuse of office" and "Labour minister" go together like.... Well, rather like "contemptible scum who've raped this country" and "Labour Party".

Pat said...

Dream on- they all know they must hang together or else be hanged separately.
Were we dealing with honourable men we could reasonably ask that who-ever appointed messrs. Draper and McBride should resign in consequence of their demonstrably appalling judgement- but like I said, dream on.

Anonymous said...

I concur, and as far as draper is concerned

Is he having some trouble composing himself today?

Captain Fatty said...

Hang on. This Watson guy can't be all that bad - he uses a Mac... (ducks to avoid torrent of abuse).

Captain Fatty

PS How are the boat and the Lab?

Mac the Knife said...

"A Minister of the Crown cannot behave like some foul gutter scum."

Eh? Where did you say you live again?

BTW how's the Raedmog?