Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Is it any wonder Labour are scared of the BNP?

The Mail reports this morning that the Mayor of Calais blames the UK's generous handouts to 'asylum seekers' - economic migrants for the most part - for the hordes besieging her town. This is just common sense. The French have been saying for some years that we're the authors of our own misfortune. Free housing, healthcare, education and £42 a week each is a big deal for a village girl from West Africa.

Meanwhile in the budget, the Chancellor is set to announce a big rise in social housebuilding. But as Migration Watch have revealed, Labour's social housing completions have barely matched all the economic migrants they offer to house (graph below).

The effects of immigration may not be apparent to MPs as they enjoy their twenty weeks holidays a year, split no doubt between their second and third homes and sun-soaked 'factfinding trips', but the impacts are in the faces of British people every day. Is it any wonder that Labour fear a desertion to the BNP by their traditional voters?


it's either banned or compulsory said...

Our Labour MP does not live in areas of social housing ( ie Council Estates ).
It is 'common knowledge' that the reason the offspring of local social housing clients cannot likewise be housed is because of " the immigrants " and we don't even have many.
Labour will be duly punished come the next election.

talwin said...

The New Labour government are scared of the BNP in the same way that they are scared of the Tories, LibDems, bloggers, most journalists, trades unions, muslims, christians, terrorists, people who might be terrorists (ie those with dogs fouling the footpath), drinkers, smokers, teenagers (but not babies yet; unless they might grow up to be any of the above), motorists, protestors of any sort, the Americans, the French, the Germans, et cetera, Frank Field.

Need I go on? Anyone who can think; anyone who may have a view about something; anyone who might disagree. Anyone who might vote against them.