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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Labour's house of cards starts to tumble (1)

Labour's game of tricks that has worked so well for Gordon Brown since 1997 is starting to come apart. Immigration, in particular, has angered Labour's core indigenous vote. The extent of immigration may be invisible to ministers, who rely on fraudulent official figures and prozac-bright official estimates, but is all too visible to ordinary people. A confidential report prepared by the GLA's economics team estimates Lewisham's population has increased by almost 10% since the 2001 census - almost all of the new population being Africans.

It's also becoming apparent how Labour achieved this;
  1. Expand higher education and education funding, creating a massive new sector hungry for overseas tuition fees
  2. Abolish exit controls at our borders
  3. Issue several million student and visitor visas to African Commonwealth nationals
  4. Make it easy for them to disappear, by encouraging voter registration that then allows them to open bank accounts and obtain credit
Of course the massive pressures such immigration has caused - to housing, policing, schools, health services and transport - will force an increase in national GDP (but not of course in per capita GDP) and Brown can lay claim to this narrow success. But those that bear the social costs, those competing for public services with immigrants, have been ignored.

The prospect of success for the BNP in the June elections fills me with foreboding. There is a threshold beyond which even a party such as the BNP becomes credible, rather than fringe. I fear we may cross it in June.

1 comment:

Chalcedon said...

We have crossed it. The Harperson was commenting about the danger posed by the BNP and how Noo Labour will tackle it. If the twats had actually listened to voters, had not lied about a referendum on Lisbon and had done something about illegal and unfettered immigration this wouldn't be such a problem. Because they did none of these things and treat the electorate as moronic children, and because the Tories are a pale blue imitation, then there is going to be a mega protest vote against Noo Labour. A few BNP MEPs will I hope wake the bastards up.