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Saturday, 11 April 2009

Labour's house of cards starts to tumble (2)

When the Sundays publish Damian McBride's jejune and puerile filth tomorrow I for one will not be surprised at this latest failure of Labour's campaigning at the taxpayer's expense. Nor will Labour's carefully managed damage limitation exercise cut much ice with many people.

No 10's failure in backing a borderline mentalist to get in amongst the blogs is manifest. The site languishes at tenth in the Wikio Influential UK Blogs list, overtaken by both swear-blog The Devil's Kitchen and snooze-blog Dizzy Thinks. If this is all that many weeks of creating drama and clicks has won, with all that Labour's big guns and McBride's backing can achieve, and with a shedload of the comrades' money, then things are desperate amongst Brown's campaign team.

What we will read tomorrow will be Labour's authentic voice. Is this is what Gordon Brown thinks are "Serious people doing serious jobs in serious times"?. This is a taunt of which Cameron should make full use. To the rest of us, it's time for Labour to admit that Brown is a serious mistake.

1 comment:

Chalcedon said...

I am soooooo looking forward to PMs question time next week.........bugger! They aren't back from their way too long hols are they? How lucky can you get eh? Oh well, the politcs show on TV tomorrow might be worth recording so I can watch the juicy bits, if any, later on. What's in the papers might be a hoot.