Monday, 20 April 2009

Nick Brown next in the line of fire

With no apologies for referring to Peter Oborne for two posts on a row, his piece in the Mail this morning catalogues the desperate Labour in-fighting and the scalps being claimed by the Blairites, predicting Nick Brown will be next in the line of fire.

Excellent stuff.


Nick Drew said...

you have cleverly selected photos that highlight how physically alike these chappies are, Raedwald

something in the DNA ? there's a doctorate here for someone

(or a Nobel Peace Prize)

Henry Crun said...

Nick, I noticed that too. They also have something else in common...they are all fuckwits.

hatfield girl said...

It's not DNA, it's class.

Bad hair, overweight, cheap shirts (Balls is wearing a tie but no jacket and doubtless has his sleeves tightly fixed at the wrist), loucheness of expression, poor teeth (no teeth in 1 case), can't tie their ties. They look as horribly cheap as they are.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

Let's have as much fun as possible while various Labour types fight like rats in a sack for 'influence' in their crumbling administration.
I predict Jack Straw as Gordons Grand Admiral Dönitz.

Henry Crun said...

Sean Woodward = Lord HawHaw
Hazel Blears = Eva Braun
Frank Field = Rudolf Hess