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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Put not your faith in princes

Just two years ago Cameron let it be known that the Conservatives would reverse the hunting ban with a simple one-line bill.

Yesterday a 'senior spokesman' said in response to Edward Garnier's urging his party not to forget this commitment "We are amazed as anyone else to hear that Edward Garnier is pushing this around the country," said a source. "David's position is quite clear. Hunting will not be in the manifesto."

Two years ago, the Telegraph reported
David Cameron plans to repeal the hunting ban if the Conservatives win the next general election, in a simple one-line Bill. The strategy is revealed in a private letter to MPs which instructs them to reassure "our friends in the hunting world" that a Tory government would overturn the Hunting Act as a matter of urgency.
Now Cameron can wriggle around between the words and seek some shelter in pointing out that a free vote is not the same thing as a manifesto commitment but this morning many Conservative voters will wonder how far his words can be trusted on other matters.


JuliaM said...

Why just 'this morning'...?

I'd have thought anyone with any sense would have realised that long ago....

Anonymous said...

His words cannot be trusted at all on anything.

See under Common Fisheries Policy, European Peoples' Party (or whatever else it is that EPP stands for), and many other things.

I am telling you, they are all absolutely as bad as each other.

Cameron will repeal nothing, whatever he says now. And I wouldn't be surprised if he finds it expedient to let the ID card project roll on, too, despite all his honeyed words on that subject.

The only thing in his favour is that he's not Gordon Brown - and that's not really much of a recommendation, is it?

Anonymous said...

And they fall for it Hook, Line and Sinker!

Anyone wonder why this "fox hunting issue" hits the news amidst all the sleaze stories surrounding Jacqboots, Hoon, Darling and Sinn Fein?

Nothing more than deflection.

If the Tories do repeal the Fox Hunting ban and all the other ill-thought out and badly implemented legislation that has crept into the statute books over the past 12 years (RIPA anyone?), then they will certainly get my vote.

Budgie said...

Every revelation about the Tories (ie Cameron) like this means that they lose votes because they cannot be trusted. Kicking Tory supporters in the mush seems to be Cameron's hobby.

Delphius1 said...

I've always thought Cameron's style to be too Blair-like for my taste.

In every word and deed he confirms my suspicions. He's a career politician. He will say anything, do anything, to serve his own interests. Gone are the days of principle, because all the others are the same.