Friday, 17 April 2009

Sir Paul Stephenson has 8m Londoners behind him

After the shameful neglect and failure in leadership, management and control that quite rightly led to the sacking of Ian Blair, the Met is in need of a firm hand to restore its discipline. Officers who shamelessly flout the most basic requirement to display their shoulder numbers by deliberately obscuring or omitting them must face the swingeing fines from their pay that the Commissioner can impose. Officers abusing the public must forfeit a substantial chunk of their month's salary. Policemen who don't like Sir Paul's orders to wear traditional helmets can leave the force or pay a fine. A fine or reduction in rank are still disciplinary sanctions available to the Met.

Sir Paul has the eyes of London upon him and the support of 8m Londoners behind him. I think he's the man to restore the Met to what it once was - and not an indisciplined rabble of thuggish and offensive bullies. I really, really, hope he proves me right.

Hit them in their pockets, Sir Paul. Fine them to buggery until they obey. Rip their stripes off. We're behind you. Give us back our Met.


The Great Simpleton said...

My first thought when I saw that article on London Tonight was to punish the immediate superior.

Furthermore, when an incident at a demo is filmed and the officer has deliberately made themselves difficult to identify I would charge the senior officer responsible who can be identified, all the way to the top if necessary. That will focus their minds on discipline.

Anonymous said...

You mean put a man in charge?