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Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Time up for Jacqui's old man?

In relation to the new sex offences bill, it was reported:
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith launched the new legislation with an unequivocal message, saying "there will be no more excuses for those who pay for sex".
Um, except solitary sex, one assumes. No doubt Richard Timney has the matter in hand.


Alfred the Ordinary said...

You just have to have made that up. Even she wouldn't say something so unbelievably crass and stupid (would she)? As I said earlier, the jury will be out until 4th June.

What other chance have we to say something? Said in a tone of almost complete despair.

Raedwald said...

Ha! No, not made up - I've put the link in now. Unbelievable, though.

Bill Quango MP said...

Notice the police say its unworkable.
That won't worry new labour who really only care for the headline.If the law doesn't work, just pass another one. two headlines for the price of one. Twice as tough on sex crimes as before.
Even though nothing has changed.

Alfred what are you saying about June 4th? Jacqui isn't up for election?

Anonymous said...

But HE isn't paying, WE ARE!

Anonymous said...

Speaking as an authoritarian pseudo-libertarian, let me just say that I do not accept that Jacqui Smith said that. And even if she did say it and even if she said it to my face, I still wouldn't accept that she was saying it.

All Hail the State Security Apparatus!
All Hail the Party!
Death to the Counter-Revolutionary Newspaper-Selling Wreckers and Splitters!

Anonymous said...

Did Mr. Smith, sorry, Mr Timney check that no actors (women, sorry no men or rent boys) in his movie to protect those forced into the trade. A new British Kite Mark on the Socialist horizon?

Alfred the Ordinary said...

Bill Quango MP said... Alfred what are you saying about June 4th? Jacqui isn't up for election?

No but it is one of the very rare occasions when we can say whether we agree or not with the LSD Party (Lies Deceit and Sleaze). I see the votes on 4th June as a barometer of public opinion on this dreadful administration. Voting for MEPs for the toy parliament is almost useless apart from sending a message to the Westminster Parliament.