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Sunday, 5 April 2009

Troughing MPs in tax-theft scandal

The Times carries the story this morning that MPs are claiming back stamp duty on their second and third homes from the public purse. They can also claim conveyancing costs, and when they come to sell can claim the cost of the hated HIPs from taxpayers. No wonder they didn't oppose the insanity of the HIPs law in Parliament - like so many other costs that ordinary people have to pay, MPs are exempt from bearing such costs. Amongst the stamp-duty troughers are Kevin Brennan and Theresa Villiers.

It stinks like a public sewer.


Anonymous said...

Rudi Vis, the north London MP, admitted last week he had used a loan funded from expenses to help to buy a retirement property on the Suffolk coast.


how can a retirement property legitimately come under expenses? Why is he not being prosecuted for fraud and /or theft?

Anonymous said...

Of course they didn't oppose HIPs.

They couldn't oppose HIPs.

HIPs were imposed by a directive of our supreme government in Brussels, and therefore cannot be challenged, debated, or prevented in any way.