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Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Vacant: pretty vacant.

There's no point in asking us you'll get no reply
Oh just remember a don't decide
I got no reason it's all too much
You'll always find us
Out to lunch

Brown's robotic, charmless address in St Paul's was a dirge not a speech. Wooden, clumsy and emotionless it was an artless collection of spin words and phrases delivered with all the passion and panache of a lobotomised Sloth. Public speaking does not come easily to Gordon Brown; fluency, cadence, pitch and balance elude him and every speech sounds like Mr Brown the actuary giving a talk on the road signs of America to the local Rotary club.

Is this important? Yes, it is. An ability to speak effectively in public - to an audience or to the Commons - indicates a suppleness of mind, an intrinsic understanding of others, a melding of the man and the message. The fact that Brown can't communicate effectively may not only be at the root of his petulance and rages but reveal a man who subconsciously doesn't actually believe a word of what he's saying.


Nick Drew said...

you had to smile at the way he introduced Kevin Rudd

"a PM of great courage, a leader of great conscience, and a visionary for reform"

Oh, how Brown aches to be lauded thus himself.

I have essayed the poetic fisk but this time, well - wooden, clumsy and emotionless, as you say

Anonymous said...

The fact that Brown can't communicate effectively may not only be at the root of his petulance and rages but reveal a man who subconsciously doesn't actually believe a word of what he's saying.

True, but it also reveals a man who has no ability to interact or empathise with his fellow human beings. It shows Brown as a man who is incapable of understanding other people, how they work, how they think and what they want to hear.

To some extent, we may just be dealing with the usual tone-deaf attitude of the political left, the ideological unwillingness to deviate from the Marxist text book, the inability to conceive of the possibility that The Party might not know best, the very attitude that doomed Labour to two decades of exile.

And yet it's hard to separate the message from the man. It's hard not to see something deeper than the usual dictatorial leftist know-it-all attitude. It's hard to watch Brown without feeling that there's something slightly off about him. In the past, his handlers presented this strangeness as a sign of his Son of the Manse credentials - here was a joyless Presbyterian, they said, whose sole pleasure comes from honest public service and the execution of prudent policy. Now, however, I think we can see the truth: Gordon Brown is a sociopathic narcissist; he is a man incapable of understanding other human beings, a man without a conscience who flounders when his threats and bullying no longer work.

Also I hope he dies in a fire.

Newmania said...

Also I hope he dies in a fire...

Not a fan then ? Reading that lyric reminds me how exciting the Pistols were , Mr. J Lydon now theres man who could hold a crowd .

I don`t pretend coz I don`t care !

( back to my clerical duties then)

Bill Quango MP said...

He does seem to pause in all the wrong places. Maybe its that breathing thing he does that dictates his rhythm.
Regardless, he sounds like Dickie Davies reading off that old teleprompter on World of Sport.

Maybe 'James Alexander' Gordon-Brown

Fiscal Stimulus.. Soon
Globalisation .. Reform
Manchester City .. Two
Charlton Athletic .. Nil

Anonymous said...


The Fiscal Stimulus vs Globalisation match works better if you read it as an away win.

it's either banned or compulsory said...

It's autism innit ?