Friday, 24 April 2009

We WANT the Gurkhas here

Joanna Lumley's impassioned fisking of Brown's mealy-mouthed offer to ex-Gurkhas today takes some beating. The woman is a fireball, articulate, well-informed and with a commitment to the Brigade that is second to none.

Brown has opened our borders to the most useless, unskilled, incapable and most parasitic of the world's economic migrants who have no link to the UK; Somalis, Iraqis, Kurds, Albanians, Kosovans, Romanian gypsies and the entire African diaspora. Our entire annual output of social housing is insufficent to house them as they arrive. Twenty thousand Africans alone since 2001 in Lewisham borough.

Yet some immigrants create wealth, provide essential skills, contribute to national prosperity; Indians, north Americans, western Europeans including many Poles, Japanese and, yes, these tough little hillmen from Nepal. They've stood beside us in the line of battle for two centuries and served with exemplary bravery and loyalty. Over forty thousand of them have died under our colours. For Imphal and Kohima, battles as significant as Stalingrad or Thermopylae, we owe them everything. Sabretache will no doubt now give me a good bollocking for Jingoism, but, Hell, these people are our brothers and have more right to settle here with us than a million of Brown's unattached welfare dross.

With what we're going to have to face at home here over the next decades - Jihadism, food and energy crises, the dissolution of European Federalism and all the rest - I can take no greater comfort than having a few tens of thousands of trained Gurkhas standing with us, with sharp Kukris.

Brown and his bankrupt cabal must listen to the fragrant and impassioned Miss Lumley.


The Great Simpleton said...

When I jumped in the car after work this evening I caught some poor hapless should getting a right grilling over the subject and performing extremely badly. Thinking it was some junior minister I had no sympathy, only schadenfreude.

At the end of the interview it turned out to be a Brigadier. My first thought was that not one of the cowardly bastards who made this decision had the balls to come on and justify the decision.

And before anyone comes on and says it was a military decision, I will abuse my hosts hospitality and tell you to fuck off in advance; no soldier would have have announced the decision in such a cowardly, mean and spiteful way. If they had made the decision it would have been announced in clear terms and the decision maker would have stood in front of the press himself.

How I hate them all.

Crust Of The Grouch said...

There was similar case of Iraqi interpreters who helped the British Army. Some were killed, attacked and family members murdered. Yet Britain maintain it's "strict" conditions for asylum. It makes you wonder how they sleep at night.

Anonymous said...

Sabretache may give you a bollocking for jingoism but Sabretache is a humourless self-important dolt who should seriously consider dying in a fire.

Ann said...

Spot on. My father served with the Gurkhas in WWII. He swore bind he wouldn't have come home if it hadn't been for them. If ever I get close to that snivelling, treasonous, little shit Phil Woolas I will insert the largest free standing object I can find into the orifice out of which he spouts his patronising third rate bilge.
And I don't mean his mouth.

Anonymous said...

It shows just how full of shit Gorodn Brown is everytime he brings up morality.. The cunt wouldn't know morality if it shat in his mouth...

Anonymous said...

Well said Hats, I agree with every word.

Except possibly "fragrant" - that is a little tainted after l'affaire Archer.

Anonymous said...

Oho. You turned off comment moderation.

Maybe you should turn it back on again (see various scatological references above, none of them mine I hasten to add).

Raedwald said...

I haven't used comment moderation so far 'cos you're all very sensible, but please keep the vocabulary one suitable for women, horses and Miss Widdecombe.