Friday, 29 May 2009

Another sign that this government has lost all moral authority

Did the horrid Tesco run today and couldn't help but notice yet another sign that this doomed government has lost all moral authority.

Remember a few months ago all the threats to clamp down on supermarkets selling cheap booze? Ministers on the TV promising to 'beast' the chains if they dared defy the whims of the alcohol Tsar? Well, it worked for a while and the offers disappeared or became much less compelling. But no more.

Stella Artois 5% on sale at £10 for a slab of 20 440ml tinnys. There's nothing more to say, really. Except, er, well done Tesco.


talwin said...

To which may be added Gordon Brown's major and profound policy initiative in respect of plastic bags; now sunk without trace.

I note that at Tesco, instead of being able to dispense one's own plastic bags as required, instead they are hidden, like pornography, under the counter; and the unfortunate customer without trendy, green, hessian bags (do you know how many of these would be required to accommodate a weekly shop?)must draw attention to his own lack of green credentials by actually asking out loud for the world-destroying plastic bags; a bit like announcing to the queue that you have a sexually transmitted disease.

Thing is the plastic bags palaver is just a load of bollocks as, nowadays, they can, and do, make'em bio-degradable.

Henry North London said...

Every Little Helps

Right I know what to purchase for the beer traps for the slugs and the snails At that price £10 its not bad on the pence per ml

Anonymous said...


I'm on the wagon

JuliaM said...

"...draw attention to his own lack of green credentials by actually asking out loud for the world-destroying plastic bags..."

Not a problem for me, I just fix the cashier with an astonished glare and say 'Well, of course I need bags! Am I supposed to carry around a lump of hessian everywhere I go like a Third World peasant?'

No-one's had te guts to say anything to my face yet...

Henry Crun said...

I bought 8 tins of cheap and nasty Tesco lager yesterday for the princely sum of £1.82 - less than 23p per tin.

I'm going to send the till receipt to Jacqboots Smith, just to ignite her apoplectic rage at binge drinking among the yoof.

I won't be drinking the canned piss myself - I use it in the garden to keep the slugs from getting at my lettuces.