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Thursday, 21 May 2009

Ben Bradshaw's such an oleaginous little turd

An excellent QT this evening in which Bradshaw exposed himself as nothing more than a manipulative lying little hoon. Despite his oleaginous protestations that it was the others who opposed publication of MPs' expenses and he'd always voted in favour of it, just 25 MPs out of 646 voted against the loathsome David Maclean's putrid and shameful Bill.

The list is HERE. Bradshaw's name is conspicuous by its absence.


Daniel1979 said...

I saw him - despite hatrid of MPs at present - he claimed it a personal victory as vindication of his position.

I hope his constituents we watching, he seemed exceptionally dislikable.

Costello said...

Aye, an oleaginous little turd he certainly is but i'll give him credit for maintaining his demeanour. As tough as it is for any politico to stick their head above the parapets at the moment i'd be particularly terrified as a member of the disgusting shower of cunts that is the Labour Party. Regardless of how loosely based in 'fact' his claims might have been he managed to come throught he hour without embaressing himself. A fair achievement.

Sue said...

He sounded like a desperate cowboy builder trying to talk you into having that loft conversion that you know he's going to cock up!

The Great Simpleton said...

I thought he fought as a good a rear guard action as could be achieved in the circumstances. If my litmus test, the apolitical Great Wise One, is anything to go by he also struck a chord with some.

What pissed me off was his claim that we should wait another year for them to sort parliament out and so that the BNP doesn't get too many anti plitics votes. Meanwhile the crooks will get paid another £60k+ plus expenses.

It is unusual, and satisfying, to see such a united audience. I don't see how Brown can get away without calling an election. If he doesn't the anger will smoulder and the sores fester, and he really will be in trouble next year.