Thursday, 28 May 2009

D-Day - just for the record

The 6th June 1944, despite what Mr Spielberg may imagine, was, by a small margin, a British and Canadian event. That is to say, of the invasion force, some 53% were Brits and Canucks, some 46% were Septics and less than 1% 'others'. Including three or four Frenchies in a mixed Commando unit. In fact, more Poles landed on the shore of Normandy on 6th June than Frenchies.

So no surprise then that the Queen, as Head of State of both Britain and Canada, should not be invited to attend. Unlike Sarkozy and Obama, she actually served in the military in WWII. And her family home was bombed, whilst Msr. Sarkozy's forebears were no doubt pimping for the Gestapo in Sardinia.

Of course that dribbling idiot Gordon Brown has muscled himself in, two days after his political death. There he will stand, rendolent of failure, the UK's worst ever Prime Minister, whilst Sarkozy and Obama edge warily away from him in case it may be catching, a spectre at the feast.

Our veterans want someone, anyone, that they can march past for the last time in their lives and salute. The most junior subaltern would do, I suspect, so long as he carried the mark of the Queen's commission. But I do so hope beyond hope that one of our serving Field Marshals turns up uninvited in full rig and jumps up on the podium to take the salute of the last of the men who were ready to lay down their lives to rid Europe of Nazism.


Chris said...

From your lips (keys?) to the ears of the gods Raedwald. Would that it could be so.

Guthrum said...

I spoke to my French friends yesterday, they were very embarrassed by QEII not being invited.

hatfield girl said...

France has stated they were not asked and it is not for them to determine British representation.

Downing Street organised an invite for Brown but not for our Commander in Chief.

I believe the French. They do not make diplomatic mistakes. Brown has to explain why this has happened. I won't believe his explanation. He never gets anything right, least of all how to behave properly.

Elby the Beserk said...

"take the salute of the last of the men who were ready to lay down their lives to rid Europe of Nazism. "

... only to see that **** Brown turn up.

Loathsome sub-human.

Anonymous said...

The veterans should refuse to parade unless Her Majesty is suitably represented (ie not by a politician) or, for preference, present in person.

That would shoot Broon's fox for him.

His slimy spiteful nastiness is beyond contempt.

Anonymous said...

I think your remarks about Sarkozy's family are in poor taste. His mother, although Catholic, was of Jewish descent and spent the war in hiding; a number of his relatives died in death camps (

Savonarola said...

Brown has never grown or matured from Brown the rabid, partisan, tribal, ideological, student politician. He is an emotional and social pygmy.

He will die one, scratching his crotch and head puzzled as to the causes of his unpopularity.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:38

You are clearly ignorant of Sarkozy's family background. His father was a Hungarian fascist closely involved with Horthy and the Arrow Cross Party. When the Soviets were advancing into Hungary, Sarkozy's father and mother fled to Nazi Germany along with a great many other senior fascists. After the war, their relocation to France was the result of their close friendship with the anti-Communist Hungarian emigre community in France who were quite willing to turn a blind eye to Sarkozy's fascist leanings.

Your fantasy vision of Sarkozy Sr. as a Franco-Jewish freedom fighter is so wide of the mark that I can only ascribe it to a deliberate attempt to deceive on your part.

DaveA said...

Can we also not forget that most of the air cover and navy was British too.

This should not be a political circus but a day of respect and admiration. When I used to live in Hackney the church there has a memorial and even as recently as 2007 a wreath was ensribed from the wife of a soldier who was killed in the bocage in July 1944.

Anonymous said...

Anon 29 May 22:36

No reference was made to what Sarkozy's family did on his father's side. It is quite clear though that his mother's side of the family suffered dreadfully because of their Jewishness.

Despite what a lot of people in the UK may think - WW2 was a pretty dreaful experience for most people on Continental Europe - and trying to avoid a repeat is still one of the reasons why the EU exists.

Anonymous said...

If anon is right about M. Sarkozy's fascist antecedents, then there's nothing wrong in referring to them; it doesn't detract from the point that it is arguably tasteless and certainly factually inaccurate to refer to his forebears "pimping for the Gestapo in Sardinia". Horthy and the Arrow Cross seem to have been elided; they were of course distinct phonomena, with the Arrow Cross coming to power as a result of intense German pressure towards the end of Horthy's lengthy regency. It would have been difficult for someone of M. Sarkozy Sr.'s apparent prominence to have avoided all contact with Horthy, although the Arrow Cross was quite another matter. The fact that he married someone of Jewish descent would seem to indicate that he was not a raving anti-Semite, whatever else he may have been.

Anonymous said...

Read Wikipedia on Sarkozy - his father was Hungarian and his father may/may not have collaborated with the Nazis. His mother was French and although a Catholic (she spent the war in Vichy France and did not flee to Nazi Germany) 57 of her Jewish relatives were muredered during the War. I cannot stand Sarkozy's politics but the remark about his family's behaviour in the war is in extremley poor taste and should be corrected if you have any decency whatsoever