Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Dutch smoking ban faces revision

Excellent news from Freedom2choose that a small cafe without employees in Breda has successfully challenged the Dutch smoking ban. If the legal appeal stands, the Dutch government is set to modify the law.

In establishments run by the proprietors without employees, both the business owners and any customers who choose to drink there should have the right to make their own choice about smoking. No one is compelled to smoke, and there will be plenty of smoke-free cafes and bars to choose from.

And that what's it's really about - a freedom to make our own choice about these things.

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Dick Puddlecote said...

So Holland joins Germany in kicking out a blanket ban in favour of some common sense, putting them in the same happy place as Spain & Belgium in allowing businesses a modicum of self-determination.

Perhaps we in the UK might be treated as adults soon?

Well, one never knows.