Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Flight Sergeant James Hyde

Malpas asks on the post below "Some info on your pilot please - when - where".

1391841 W/O J.J. Hyde of St Juan, Trinidad attested on 6.6.41. RAF Volunteer Reserve. Trained at Piarco. Served in the Normandy campaign flying Spitfires with 132 Squadron. His last flight was in 1944. He took off at 1525hrs on 25 Sep 1944, tasked with providing aerial cover during the battle of Arnhem. Killed in dog fight over Nijmegan. Age 27. Probably shot down by a/c of Jagdkorps II, probably I/JG26 or II JG26. Buried in Jonkerbos War Cemetery, plot 17.A.7.



Anonymous said...

And he put his life on the line so that the children of his generation could have freedom.

We clearly did not value his sacrifice very highly. Shame on us.

malpas said...

As did thousands of others. But to use this to promote a current political agenda lacks grace.

Raedwald said...

malpas - I agree. The loathsome BNP should never have used a Spitfire to launch their election campaign.

Umbongo said...

Had the leaders of the BNP a modicum of strategic intelligence they would welcome non-white members into the fold. If the BNP is a nationalist party, claiming pride in British traditions of liberty, rule of law and, above all, common sense then it should welcome anyone who subscribes to these values. In choosing the route of excluding those of our fellow citizens of a darker hue than the BNP's chosen, the BNP restricts itself to the margins of political life.

Since the parts of the BNP manifesto which deal with matters outside the ethnic agenda are as left-wing and authoritarian as the SWP and the other minuscule socialist parties jostling in the "stand by" queue at the airport of lost causes, the BNP has opted to be solely a vehicle for protest votes. This is valuable in a way - as was Common Wealth during WW2. However, the restoration of politics as (more or less) normal would see the decline of the BNP from any upward blip in its support next month occasioned both by the present revelations in parliament and the lamentable treatment of the indigenous population for, at least, the last 11 years.

But what is "politics as normal"? If it means the continuation of the present malaise whereby Parliament becomes more irrelevant as it increasingly acts as an uncritical transmission belt for both rule by the EU Commission and influence peddling by race, equality and climate change hustlers: if it means continuing failure to control the executive, then the BNP may very well enter the mainstream. "Politics as usual" should mean a genuine return to a legally and politically supreme Crown in Parliament with the House of Commons holding the executive to account. At the very least this implies rescinding the Commons "reforms" instituted by Robin Cook by which Labour emasculated the Commons and turned it into a 3-day, 9-5, clockwatching, ineffective (and, as it happens, corrupt) talk-shop chaired by a greedy and over-promoted idiot.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, I know of quite a number of people in the Sikh and Hindu communities who either tacitly or openly back the BNP as an ally against the militancy of the Muslim community.

The BNP has not been slow in taking advantage of their support to "prove" that they're now a non-racist party.

Google "Sikh", "Hindu" and "BNP" and you'll see what I mean.