Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Harman must be proud: The women are as bent as the men

Troughing is certainly proving to be an equal opportunities occupation. I haven't counted them, but there seem to be as many women as men troughers in Parliament; indeed, where men have foolishly tried to claim for 'toys' such as duck islands, it's been the female MP troughers that have racked up the biggest gains in expenses fraud.

I can therefore proclaim this a triumph for Ms Harman, and be certain that we don't have to bend the system to create special theft, fraud and peculation opportunities for female MPs.

Thank goodness there's some small comfort to come from all this.


Sue said...

They've also been the biggest whingers about being hard done by!

JuliaM said...

Indeed. Julie Kirkbride was whinging in the 'Times' this morning that being too hard on her might serve to persuade women that they shouldn't go into politics.

Only the crooked ones, Julie, only the crooked ones...