Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Is it any wonder they're voting BNP?

The latest useful political issues poll was the February ICM one published in the Guardian. Not surprisingly, the economy dominated as by far the most important issue of the day - several months of relentless news coverage have placed it at the front of the public's mind. However, looking at how the issues would have ranked excluding the economy is interesting, not least for the divergence between the overall ranking and the ranking by the DEs;

All respondents
Taxation and public services - 13%
Health service - 11%
Law and Order - 10%
Asylum and immigration - 9%
Education - 9%

DE respondents
Health service - 15%
Law and Order - 14%
Asylum and immigration - 12%
Education - 9%
Taxation and public services - 5%

So, with Labour seeing a significant proportion of their vote bleeding away to the BNP, you'd think they'd shift some policies to meet their concerns. The C2s and DEs are also the most disillusioned with the ability of existing parties to tackle some of these issues, with the highest disillusionment scores for Europe, asylum and immigration and terrorism;

Party with best policies on
Europe - None of them - C2 30% DE 23%
Asylum and Immigration - None of them - C2 32% DE 30%
Terrorism - None of them - C2 32% DE 30%

Now, when around a third of your traditional voters are telling you they don't trust your policies on key issues, again you'd think the response would be to shift some key policies, wouldn't you?

This thread on Labourhome discusses the key policies the comrades think Labour should adopt to secure a fourth term. Amongst the serious suggestions are, er, nationalising the railways, free dentistry for all, more equality (as in positive discrimination), more council houses, increased pensions, and income tax starting at the national minimum wage.

I don't know what they're smoking, but it's not Virginia tobacco.

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