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Friday, 22 May 2009

It won't wash, Nadine

Nadine Dorries is seriously confused. She compares the stable cleaning now going on to a McCarthyite 'witch hunt' that is damaging the mental health of MPs. She also blames successive Prime Ministers for not paying MPs what Nadine imagines she's worth.

I've never heard Dorries describe a Met Police crackdown on burglars as a McCarthyite witch-hunt against thieves, or a DWP investigation into benefit thieves as a witch-hunt against fraudsters, so it couldn't be that she's pleading that MPs who defraud the public are a special case, could it? If so, she can forget it. The public, not the media, have decided that they aren't.

A GP trains full time for seven years and invests over £100k of their own money in their training and education. They earn about £100k a year. They are members of a real profession. MPs need no training, no education, no qualifications except an apparatchik-like and slavish loyalty to their central Statist party and they pretend that they're on a par with the real professions. Politics is not a profession. Paid political office is a vocation. The public, not the media, have overwhelmingly confirmed recently that a salary of £60k - £70k plus genuine expenses is the right deal for MPs. If you don't like it, Nadine, stop whingeing like a schoolgirl and go elsewhere and get yourself another job. There's a queue behind you for the Mid Bedfordshire seat.

A grizzled old contract manager one remarked ruefully to me about an unbearably egoistic colleague of mine that "If you could buy him for what he's worth and sell him for what he thinks he's worth, you could retire on the profit". The same, Nadine, can be said for many MPs now sitting.

1 comment:

Umbongo said...

Stephen Pound was hauled back on the BBC Today programme this morning to tell us two things: (1) Nadine was wrong to say that this whole scandal is McCarthyite and (2) it's all the fault of Mrs Thatcher. Naturally there was no demur from his interviewer.