Sunday, 10 May 2009

Let's trash these troughing scum

Below are the latest injury compensation rates under the Armed Forces Compensation Scheme - full details are in JSP765 HERE. The rates relate to lengthy tables of the various grades of wounds our armed forces suffer in battle; losing a foot below the ankle in a landmine blast, for example, is number 8, whilst loss of a leg below the knee is number 6. These are one-off payments. The MoD are not much more generous now than ever they were. Of course, most MPs are too busy on the John Lewis website to argue for more generous payments; payments more in line, perhaps, as what they describe as their 'reasonable' additional costs in improving their investment properties running a second home.

Kitty Ussher MP spent £20,000 removing 'bad taste' Artex and doing up her period home. Hazel Blears MP made £18,000 avoiding CGT on her second home. That's almost two nineteen year-old's mangled mine-blasted feet. Stephen Byers MP has claimed £125,000 for a flat owned outright by his partner; a soldier losing both arms above the elbow in an RPG blast on his cardboard armoured vehicle would only get £115,000. Nice one, Stephen.

These MPs are scum. They are thieves. Their avarice, their grasping mendacious filthy peculation of public funds, their troughing porcine deception, their self-serving self-righteous piety and self-justification and their naked greedy despoiling of the honour of our Parliament cannot be borne any longer. Let's trash these troughing scum.


thefatlady said...

I hear that Sinn Fein MPs, who take the principled stand of not taking their seats in Parliament, manage to forego their principles when it comes to trousering 1/2 million in expenses for not being there.

Anonymous said...

In every collection of vile scum one of them has to be the worst. No real surprise that this achievement goes to the Adams Family is it, though?