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Friday, 22 May 2009

Miss Widdecombe, your duty is clear

With John Bercow, a man almost as oleaginous as Ben Bradshaw, and Alan Beith both tainted by peculation and out of the running as potential Speakers, the field is pretty well reduced to Sir George Young and Frank Field. However, our next Parliament may well see a mass clear-out of the corrupt, the venal, the lazy and the bad, and a new Parliament may rightly want to make its own choice of its Speaker. Who, then, to replace Martin on 22nd June?

There is only one sensible choice. Miss Widdecombe, your duty is clear.


Kemi said...

or Kate Hoey...
another very sensible choice.

Anonymous said...

Not Frank Field. He's one of the good guys, we need him on the backbenches to put the boot in and keep pushing for welfare reform.

Appointing him Speaker would effectively silence him, which would suit the Labour Party just fine.

Anonymous said...

AW thinks it's just fine to have the taxpayer mow her lawn.


I have to mow my own lawn.