Thursday, 14 May 2009

New Speaker won't save this Rotten Parliament

The Rotten Parliament extends to all parties and to both houses; the monumental peculations of MPs have for the moment overshadowed the dishonesty of Baroness Uddin and others in the upper house, but make no mistake - the entire Parliament is rotten.

Replacing the Speaker is an act of desperation by MPs eager to find a universally loathed scapegoat in Michael Martin, but a Commons that ditches its sitting Speaker just confirms its own rottenness.

There will be no catharsis until a new Commons sits in new session under a new Speaker.

This Rotten Parliament is dead. A weak and enervated house with an unwanted Speaker hanging around like a ghoul does the nation ill service at a time of national crisis. MPs on both sides of the house should, for the good of the nation, now unequivocally support a general election.


Guthrum said...

I called it the Parliament of Pigs- Rotten Parliament is better will change my posts

Chris said...

The Rotten Parliament: I have a feeling we'll be seeing that used by the commentariat within the week.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Rotten-to-the-core Parliament!!

Bill Quango MP said...

The Long 'trough' Parliament?
The Rump steak Parliament?
Oliver Cromwell disbanded the Rump steak Parliament and the remainder formed The Barefaced cheek Parliament?
This was followed by the
First, Second and third homes Parliament.


Time for another parliamentary war? Public vs politicos. Meet at Edgehill and battle it out.

Scrobs... said...

Most people don't know what the Speaker does anyway, so until he's shown up to be the dreadful person he is by the press, he's just another one of the sponging hypocrites all mangled up in the same room.

But this is all really uncharted, and there will be unpleasant repercussions coming from his stewardship.