Sunday, 10 May 2009

So, 'Baroness' Uddin, anything to say?

H/T Old Holborn

Whilst 'Baroness' Uddin can live in a Spitalfields Housing Association property enjoying a subsidised rent at the taxpayer's expense, and lie about living in the flat she owns in Maidstone in order to claim the higher Lord's attendance allowance of £174 a day without so much as a visit from plod, I wonder what she's got to say about a case highlighted by Old Holborn.

Mranil Patel, 41, who works for the Royal Bank of Scotland, has been charged with ‘fraud by false representation’ under new powers created in 2006 and is due to appear at Harrow Magistrates’ Court later this month. If convicted, Mrs Patel faces up to 12 months in jail or a fine of £5,000.

Mranil's 'crime' was to falsely give her mother's address in order to improve her chances of getting her five year old son Rhys into a decent primary school - Pinner Park.

The 'Mail' has the story.


Savonarola said...

Unfortunately she did not have the contacts like Blair/Harman and others to pull strings to get their children a proper education.

So she did what most good mothers would do.

Sad that our 'education' system drives us to do these things.

William Gruff said...

I'm not sure what you're saying here Raedwald, nor why you are saying it, but Mranil Patel was caught cheating and is being dealt with under the rules as they are at present; rules that were in force when she cheated. That the rules may be unnecessary, 'unfair' or 'unjust', and that others are getting away with worse, is not cause for the suspension of all codes of conduct and standards of behaviour.

The injustice is not that Mranil Patel may be dealt with harshly, although I think it highly unlikely, but that 'Baroness' Uddin most probably won't.

Anonymous said...

An unjust law is still unjust.

Anonymous said...

send them all back to their country of ancestry!!!!!!!!!