Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Sorry, Jacqui: I'll choose who to listen to

Until yesterday, I'd never heard of Michael Savage. But since Jacqui Smith saw fit to ban him from the UK, I thought I'd take the opportunity to make up my own mind.

Savage's take on his ban from the UK is available HERE.

Of course, I've probably just broken some draconian anti-terrorist law by posting this link. I'll listen for Smith's Stasi thugs at the door.


Chris said...

Silly Jackboot Jacqui; it's called the Steisand Effect.

Chris said...

Silly Jackboot Jacqui; it's called the Steisand Effect.

Elby the Beserk said...

What is it about Yanks that means they have to have heavy metal music playing whenever broadcasting? Immediate turn-off. Sorry, Michael, if that's how you do your thang, you can stay in the States.

Korenwolf said...

Would be nice if he could get things right though.

There is no English home secretary, he's not just banned from England etc etc

The Great Simpleton said...

He was on Radio 4 this morning. Quite amusing character.

I'll take him over some of those obnoxious people that Liningston was always inviing in, anyday. Even if think his views are equally repellant.

Chalcedon said...

I listened to him this morning talking about being defamed by being placed with terrorists and skinhead murderers. He has a point. He is a right wing shock jock and has probably been banned because he says nasty things about the Democrats and Obama. He is free to speak his mind because of their 1st amendment to their constitution. What a pity freedom of speech isn't as well protected over here. Then all this hate crime bollox could be consigned to the bin where it belongs.

Rush-is-Right said...

There's an agenda here. The Jacqboot has done the Obama administration a big favour. I'm sure that some guy in the Obama team asked for this to happen.

"Right wing" Talk Radio is the only mass medium that is not fawning over the Democrats. So they want to ban it.

What they have done here is to make it possible for some future "Broadcasting Standards Tsar" or somesuch to say.... "Look, that Michael Savage guy is such an extremist he's even been banned from travelling to the UK". Just a bit of conditioning.