Sunday, 3 May 2009

Sunday Sleaze: Another Labour thief

Today's Labour thief is 'Baroness' Uddin. Living in London, she didn't think that the £86.50 a day allowance that London Lords get paid in lieu of a salary was quite enough, so she bought a flat in Maidstone, kept it empty and claimed it as her main residence in order to qualify for a higher rate allowance of £174 a day.

The Times reports that this weekend Uddin and her family have been desperately 'dressing' the empty flat to give it the appearance of having been lived in. Too late.

This is the Labour peer who has evinced a public concern over housing shortages for Bangladeshis in the UK, but such hypocrisy is just meat and drink to Labour's sleazebuckets like Uddin.

Labour have not just corrupted the Commons, but their ignorant fiddling has opened the Lords to a horde of Labour thieves and liars who disgrace the peerage of the United Kingdom. Enough is enough. We must clear this foul and corrupt spawn from our political system.


Anonymous said...

I'm glad to see that I'm not alone in believing that the recipients of Labour patronage are not worthy of the distinction of a noble title.

As for Mrs. Uddin's concerns over housing for Bangladeshis, I would observe that there is plenty of cheap accommodation for her and her compatriots - in Bangladesh.

Chris said...

Act of Attainder anyone? She's obviously not fit to sit in the Lords.