Friday, 15 May 2009

They just don't get it

Watching Question Time last night I saw nails being driven into the coffin of this Rotten Parliament by a Grimsby audience. Margaret Beckett, Theresa May and Ming Campbell were lucky to escape from the podium without being pelted with eggs. What infuriated the audience was their self-justification and the same tired old mantras about 'the system' . Even this audience saw the failure of logic in that one; one pointed out that for MPs to blame the system was synonymous with them declaring that they were corrupt and couldn't be trusted.

They still don't get it.


Guthrum said...

The bit that got me was Beckett's mantra 'the Public don't understand'

We are not stupid, in fact a goodly chink of the public are very bright, and will not engage with this shower for fear of being tainted

Letters From A Tory said...

Ming Campbell in particular is in no position to start defending a system that he so openly abused.

wonderfulforhisage said...

I'm bored with the 'They just don't get it' mantra.

The system probably started in America with Clinton and co. The Satanic Trinity of Mandelson, Blair and Campbell latched onto it when they realised that spin worked and were prepared to abandon 'ends don't justify means'. The dodgy dossier and WMD disgrace was the apogee of the presentation/spin approach to politics.

The Tory party resisted this 'modern' approach to politics up until 2005 when they decided to modernise (spin for adopting the strategy that ends do justify means) and elected the Heir to Blair. The B. hides his policies (I'm assuming he has some) under a bushel, lest he frightens the horses.

So, the country finds itself with a bunch of politicians who believe quite genuinely that ends do justify means.

It's therefore not surprising that MPs, who genuinely believe they are worth much more that their salary, decide to organise a package that better reflects their sense of self worth. But, if they were to increase their salary to the level that they believe they are entitled the peasants would revolt. The solution is easy, put a system in place that allows them to be remunerated to the level they think they are entitled and call it expenses/allowances. This wouldn't have happened in days of yore when the majority were indeed honourable men and would have known that ends never justify means.

It's common in job advertisements to see the term remuneration package. This typically includes salary, pension provision, sick pay, health insurance, holidays etc. To many MPs their understanding of their remuneration package includes expenses/allowances payable within a framework of 'rules'.

Some of them have gone way beyond the 'rules' and their claims are clearly fraudulent and they should be dragged through the courts. The majority have been working to the rules.

The underlying prolem is spin and deception being accepted as legitimate 'means' to achieve ends. This allowed a massive salary increase to be disguised (spun) as expenses/allowances.

The modernising of the Tory party is based on presentation/spin ( think cycling to work followed by ones chauffeur).

It is the system that is at fault and it's a system of spin, presentation and deceipt that has been accepted by the two main parties (Blair, his succesor and the Heir to Blair) as their modus operandi.

I've voted Tory in every election since 1959 but not again until they become a party of 'ends not justifying means'.

And another thing, waterboarding, special rendition, Guantanamo, and the like are more examples of what happens when 'ends' are seen to justify 'means'.

AND just think of the spin and deception the public has been subjected to about the EU. The Country's sovereignty has been whittled away over the years to the extent that 75% of our laws are sourced in Brussels. THIS is the real CRIME.

Whew, I feel better for that.

Anonymous said...

They don't get it? No, you don't get it, R. They are your superiors in every way. You are a lowly dirty stinking little peasant. How dare you - how royally fucking dare you - question their entitlements. How dare you suggest that they shouldn't be able to loot the taxpayer. Who do you think you are, serf? You think you're free? You think you have some right to question your masters? Learn your place, scum.

You, Raedwald, just like the rest of the public, are an ignorant worthless serf and your job, your only job, is to toil for your betters. The sooner you understand that and accept it, the sooner your superiors in parliament will be able to stop legislating liberty out of existence.

Accept your fate, slave. Bow down to your master in parliament, empty your wallet before them and keep their troughs filled. And be quiet while you do it, boy.